Bible Breakthrough- Bible Reading Marathon

75 hour Bible Reading Marathon took place prior to the National Day of Prayer & Fasting in Australia

From 7AM Thursday 4 February – 10AM Sunday 7 February 2016

The Bible Breakthrough is a continuous 75 hour Bible Reading Marathon organized outside Australian Parliaments in the State Capitals of Sydney, Brisbane,  Parliament House in Canberra , and including Newcastle
In future years it is envisioned that this will take place where possible in all State Capitals and outside public buildings and council chambers in cities and regional towns. There are 9 Parliamentary Offices and 564 Councils’ in Australia. It takes 70 hours and 40 minutes to read the bible through out loud. The vision of the Bible Breakthrough is to find 288 Christians in each location who will read the scriptures for 15 Minute slot during the 75hour period. It takes just under 75 hours to read the Bible through from beginning to the end.

The Bible Breakthrough - Bible Reading Marathon’s goal is to follow the words of Paul the Apostle who encouraged the believers in 1Timothy 4:13 to “devote themselves to the public reading of scripture.” The word of God is powerful and the reading of scriptures in strategic public places is a form of prayerful declaration that Australia will find its DESTINY in Christ the Living Word. John 1:1

The 75 hour Bible Marathon will finish at 10AM on Sunday 15th February 2015 which is Australia’s National Day of Prayer and Fasting. Many church services across Australia start at 10AM and it is our prayer that because of the Bible Breakthrough - Bible Reading Marathon, people will be interested to attend a church near them to hear more about the Good News of God’s love through Jesus Christ which is the central message of the scriptures. Our prayer is that through the Bible Breakthrough - Bible Reading Marathon many people will find their DESTINY in Christ the Living Word and that Christians will discover again the power of the Bible.

How to Conduct a Bible Reading Marathon in a City centre?

Christians gathered to pray blessings for the city and nation including Bible Reading for 75 hrs continuously day and night, in Australia in February 2015. This took place 3 days prior to the National Day of Prayer and Fasting Event that was held in the New Parliament House, as part of the Pre-Events leading up to this gathering and as a Habakkuk 2:14 assignment for the knowledge of the Glory of God to cover the nation as the waters Cover the sea, supported in prayer and logistics advise by believers in USA who had done this Bible Reading Marathon in previous years.

The Bible Reading took place in Brisbane a week earlier, but in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne at the same time. Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne were lead by the Lord to one central location in front of or near to their State Parliament buildings and in Canberra the Lord showed us 2 two key locations: in front of New Parliament House to the side on the grass near the Ceremonial Stone, and under the flag pole on the City Hill roundabout.

The plan was for there to be 25 site Captains oversighting 3 hour time Watches, at each location, standing as Watchmen and Watchwomen for the city. In each location we asked each leader to gather 12 Christians to read the bible for 15 minutes each in their Watches, and also in Canberra, to consider doing another 3 hour time block in the second location if possible, on a different day and from 10.00am-1.00pm or 1.00am-4.00am. Praise God, in each city every watch was filled and the Reading completed.

This BRM needs to be a low key event with no amplification, proclaiming the Word of God back to our Heavenly Father and to the spiritual realm. Many passers by were deeply impacted by the presence of God experienced, and the Bible Readers invigorated, even in the night hours after reading 15 minutes of scripture aloud…the Word of God is Spirit and LIFE!

Believers who had registered were coming and going, arriving 15 minutes before their time slot. It was expected that there would be approximately between 4- 8 people or less at any time at the location. Permission from City authorities for use of the public ground for the full 72 hours needs to be granted.

In Canberra at each site there was a portable gazebo/ sun shade shelter 3m by 3m, a folding table and 4 folding chairs. People brought their own water bottles and removed any personal rubbish etc. This is a wonderful way of discovering unity in the Body of Christ as it was a Christian multicultural cross denominational response to bless each of our cities and our nation through the unity of the Holy Spirit, as we read God's living Word cover to cover one believer after another, reading from one Bible; ESV large print version.

Each city had a ministry that covered the insurance for the event. This belongs to Jesus alone - no ministry name. Bible Readers who want to bless the city contacted the organising teams and .Parliamentarians and city leaders where very supportive of this multicultural Christian initiative: Believe God and Read the Bible in your city!

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