Sunday Evening Worship & C-HOP Schedule of Prayer Times

Sundays Intercession and Worship - Noa Muranyi & Dawn Mgobo 
Communing with God 
Sunday:  6.00 -8.00 pm -  2020 

Prayer for Children
Wednesdays: 7-8.00am  (No meeting 26 February)

Prayer for the Nation - Tim O'Neal & Team
Thursdays: 7-8.00am


Monthly Prayer Times at C-HOP that all are welcome to attend:

Christian Faith & Freedom PERSECUTED CHURCH Prayer Meetings every 3rd Friday of each Month

CFF Persecuted Church Ministry

Next CFF Prayer meetings  Friday 20 March  2020 - CFF 

6.20-9.30 PM (please bring a plate of food to share)

For more information please visit; &

PRAYER BANQUETS at C-HOP usually on the Last Friday of Each month in 2020 -

Next Meeting: from 8.00pm-3.00am Friday 28 February 2020 
"WALKING IN THE SPIRIT OF GOD". Come in THANKSGIVING and Pray for God's destiny & Revival to come forth in Australia

An intensive and persistent night of prayer to lift up the Name of Jesus to be the Lord: Occupy Until He Comes

Wonderful Evangelism Clip to inspire our Prayers:

BE re-minded of WHO our Glorious Saviour Jesus Christ really is…..BE inspired! ;

We hope this message from Ravi Zacharias will give you understanding of how the power of Christ's life and death applies over all time:    

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