Ps Jeff Daly - Wed 20, Fri 22, Sat 23 March Sparking Fire of Repentance

Ps Jeff Daly - Visit to C-HOP - Director of National Day of Repentance, USA & the Nations
Sparking the Fire of Repentance - 4 part Series of Teachings - you are welcome to one &/or all

Wednesday  20 March at 7.00pm Session 1 
1 Tim 2:1-6 - Prayer for Government - let us honour and pray for those in Authority with thanksgiving in our hearts, coming before our King Jesus as the Bride of Christ.
oin us to pray for our A.C.T. and Federal Government & be inspired by the Word of God, in this strategic time when Australia is in the Valley of Decision before the General Election.
22 March at 7.00pm Session 2
Saturday 10am-12noon 
Session 3 &
Session 4 - 

followed by worship 3-5pm in Spirit & Truth

Offerings will be taken to support Ps Jeff's Ministry & on Saturday $20 Rego at the door - Lunch & Tea & Coffee provided
Venue : C-HOP, 28, Guilfoyle St, Yarralumla, ACT 2600

Jeff is returning to Australia, after joining us to pray for our nation on New Year's Eve,  December 31st 2012.  Don’t miss being inspired to love God MORE through Ps Jeff’s ministry. 

We Praise God that his network across the globe, has prayed for Australia during 2013 and for our General Elections, and he is returning 


to support us in this next election. Come and Honour this humble and wise man of God who the Lord has sent back to us at this critical time, when we need to stand in the gap in repentance & prayer for Australia's broken covenant, after the same sex marriage bill recently passed.

Who is Jeffrey Daly ? He is a Christian attorney, and since 1999, pastor at Jesus Christ Fellowship church in Lake County, California. He earlier attended church from time to time but had no experience of the reality and power of the Holy Spirit until he had an epiphany one night in 1991. As a New Ager at that time he was preparing to argue the next day with a visiting Christian. To prepare, Jeff started to read the Gospel of St. John. One verse then changed his life, John 7: 18: “He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory; but He who seeks the glory of the One who sent Him is true, and no unrighteousness is in Him.” He immediately saw how he and others in the New Age were “speaking for themselves” making themselves their own “god.” He prayed to Jesus Christ for forgiveness. He became a new creation in Christ with a whole different perspective on life. In 1999 he felt a call on his life to be a pastor while continuing his work as an attorney, and he has been blessed with a wonderful church family, basing its fellowship on the model of the first believers in Jerusalem, described in the Book of Acts.

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